Key staff members

Managing director - Builder - Mark Romeo

Architect - Susan Goldsack

Admin - Catherine Romeo

  1. Decide if the call is a new client and proceed though form.

  2. Once all details have been taken, explain that you will be sending them a questionnaire and if they can kindly fill it out so we can have the right person call them to have a meaningful conversation about the project.

  3. If anyone else other than  a New Client please take a normal message, not on this form

Any times not available? school pick up? during work? list best time to call

Selecting this will send the form immediately on submit.

Before submitting please explain what happens next?

  1. We will send you the Pre-consultation enquiry form  now and invite you to fill this out as best as possible.

  2. Once received, either Mark (Builder) or Susan (Architect) will review your responses, before calling you to discuss your project in more detail.

Here is the actual questionnaire for research only _ (Not to be sent)