The Excavation


The structure
The Bridge


Project "In-Focus" 


Few sites present as many challenges as this one at Palm Beach. Steep, covered in trees, and access only possible via a long and elevated concrete driveway.


The Mark Romeo team managed to overcome all of the challenges creating a new driveway, removing the trees and completing a difficult excavation.


Now we’re ready to start actually building the house and the amazing views will definitely help make all our efforts worthwhile.


The house, which closely mirrors the famous "Fallingwater" home designed by Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, gave us a chance to work "outside the box" and create something truly stunning.


Curved , convex and concave concrete walls, 100 cubic meters poured in concrete for just the first level and a massive driveway suspended in the air with pillars are only just a couple of exampes.


With three more levels to pour , we look forward to showing you the progress of this home at each stage.


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Main Cantilever slab - 100m3